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Fitness equipment is any device or system used during exercise to improve the physiological conditio

Smart Fitness Equipment For Seniors

Fitness equipment is any device or system used during exercise to improve the physiological conditioning or strength effects of that particular exercise by supplying either fixed or removable amounts of physical resistance, or in combination with other devices to further enhance the outcome or result of an exercise session. Some common types of fitness equipment are treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, step machines, home gyms, rowing machines, recumbent bikes, and treadmill sets. Most fitness equipment can also be used for rehabilitation and for specific training programs. Some types of fitness equipment are classified according to the level of exertion required by the user.

The most popular and widely used fitness equipment are a treadmill or stationary bike since they are easy to use. A treadmill requires no special skill or technique to operate. Treadmills are available in three main types, based on the degree of difficulty of using them. First, the low-end model, which only offers resistance level one, is suitable for users who are not very serious about exercising. The second level is the mid-level, which is relatively more advanced than the first model; and, the top grade models, which are among the most sophisticated models available today, provide high levels of exertion and provide many customizations and features to better meet individualized fitness needs. A popular variation of the treadmill is an elliptical machine.

Ellipticals are excellent fitness machines because they are low-impact, and therefore, cause little stress on knees and ankles. They are also considered one of the best choices for home gyms. Exercise bikes are another choice for home fitness equipment, although they do require considerable space and commitment to use. Other variations of gym equipment include elliptical crossovers, stair steppers, and cross trainers.

In addition to selecting the right equipment, space availability and space utilization are important considerations for all fitness equipment. If a person wants to set up a home gym and has a large room or condominium area, he may need to rent out additional space, since even the simplest fitness equipment will take up much room. Also, if the user has a home with very limited space, purchasing a home treadmill will be the best option. Ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes are much easier to store in a small area than, say, an exercise room. For those with smaller homes, a small-sized elliptical would be the best choice.

Those with a fairly large home will have to work harder at maximizing their gym space. Depending on how much space one is willing to dedicate to his fitness equipment, one may be able to purchase several pieces. A few of the best options include a combination of a rowing machine, knee press machine, leg extension machine and leg curl machine. One can also choose to add onto the equipment like a leg curl or a rowing machine to increase its effectiveness. There are some great multi-gym units that can replace several pieces of equipment that are used in a typical home gym. Examples of these types of products include the Total Gym and the Weider Fitness Gym.

If one's home does not have the space or money to purchase one of the above mentioned pieces of fitness equipment, he or she may opt to purchase one or more of the following smart fitness machines. One popular choice includes the mountain bike. These bikes offer the same cardiovascular workouts that other equipment offers, but, due to the cycling nature of the activity, they require fewer steps to complete a cycle. A common feature found on these bikes is the e-paddle system, which allows users to directly control the resistance level.

A second very popular piece of smart fitness equipment is the stationary bike. Like the mountain bike, the stationary bike offers many of the same cardiovascular workouts as other pieces of fitness equipment, but without requiring the user to ride or pedal. Instead, the user merely uses the foot pedals and varies the intensity of the workout by turning the pedals. Similar to using a stair climber in a gym, the user can increase or decrease the speed of the pedals in order to create a varied amount of workout. A stationary bike is a good choice for people who do not want to invest in an additional piece of fitness equipment.

A final, but certainly not the least must-have piece of fitness equipment for seniors are the Weider Proform Fitness Machine. The Weider Proform Fitness Machine allows users to workout both their upper and lower body using one machine. A standard workout on one of these machines consists of performing abdominal crunches while lying flat on the floor. In addition to performing crunches, users must also perform leg raises, sit ups, and stretches in order to complete the full workout. In addition, all workouts must be performed with at least 90 seconds of rest between each set.


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